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Arizona Governor's Energy Office

Welcome to the Governor's Office of Energy Policy

The Governor's Office of Energy Policy (GOEP) administers energy programs for the state and provides a wide variety of information on energy policy, projects, energy-saving measures and  statistics. The GOEP, formerly the Arizona Commerce Authority - Energy Office, was established by Governor Janice K. Brewer in 2011.

Governor Jan Brewer unveiled the Arizona Collaboratory for Advanced Energy Solutions (AZ CAES) at the Governor’s Economic Development Conference this week.
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NEW! (ADEQ's) EPA Clean Power Plan Stakeholder Meeting Information

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#1 in Solar Per Capita
Last year, the Solar Energy Industries Association ranked Arizona #1 Solar Per Capita (watts per person) in their Top 10 Solar States report. Click here to for more information.

Arizona Ranks 15th in Energy-Efficiency Policies
Last year, the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy ranked Arizona 15th in their State Energy Efficiency Policy Database. Click here for more information.


Energy Video

A video on energy in Arizona.

emPOWER Arizona

- Full Report (Click on Table of Contents to view area of interest, orange bar on top of page returns to TOC)
- Executive Summary
- Executive Order 2014-04
- Governor Jan Brewer Establishes emPOWER Arizona: A Plan for an Affordable, Reliable Energy Future.

As a result of the work completed on emPOWER ARIZONA, the Governor's Office of Energy Policy was recognized as an Honoree at the 2014 Best of the Capitol awards presented on June 24th, in the Grassroots Effort category.